All images shot by me

Meet Idris King, an upcoming musician and founder of 90’s baby, a fashion, media and events company with its roots in Lagos, Nigeria. It is no surprise that his music and style is heavily influenced by the 90’s, artists such as Slick Rick and A Tribe Called Quest are just a few of his influences. But what makes his music unique is the diversity in it’s sound and in his growing body of work. Combining  elements of EDM, Jazz, Hip-hop and occasionally Afro Beats, it is hard to define him by a single genre.




Meet Mr. Eazi, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who cleverly combines elements of traditional Ghanian and Nigerian music, with a modern twist, creating his unique sound. This oneness with his culture isn’t just seen in his music, but is also reflected in his visuals and choice of outfits, combining traditional prints and accessories with more modern pieces. His iconic straw hat for one has become an important symbol for him as a brand. This to me is one of the things that make Mr. Eazi so special.


Stylist:  Mariam

Listen to his most recent album , ‘Accra to Lagos’ on itunes and spotify

wa-ko x

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