In a haze, a stormy haze
I'll be round, I'll be loving you always


One thing I always reiterate to myself is to ‘live by faith and not by plan’. Having faith and trust in God, myself and my purpose is the only thing that keeps me consistent nowadays. It stops me from feeling stuck when things don’t go as expected (which is often) and urges me to take risks. ‘Failures’ and ‘setbacks’ start to appear smaller when I remind myself of the bigger picture. It’s really a powerful feeling knowing what you have to offer and sticking by it. Funny enough, this shoot embodied all of that. Lord knows we struggled that day. It was quite ambitious wanting to get three mattresses up on Arthur’s seat alone (I’m consistently doing the most), plus the weather and other things were simply not on our side. Thankfully we managed to pull it off and now I have a funny story to tell

– wa-ko


Make up, styling, creative direction and photography by me

Clothing from Matilda Aberg

Modelled by the gorgeous Ife

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