Colour Coded I

One of the things I’ve been struggling with this year is finding the balance between pursuing my creative career and my less exciting Economics degree whilst still maintaining a positive mindset. At a point, I started asking myself what all of this hard work was for, put myself in a space of self doubt & was just mentally/emotionally strained. Through a lot of introspection and acceptance I’ve began to trust in my abilities more, and actually take pride in my achievements.

One thing that keeps me going is constantly reminding myself why I started this journey in the first place: to tell stories, highlight the beauty in my culture and people & share my visions in the hope to inspire or change someone’s perspective in some way. It’s hard staying positive all the time (and that’s okay); but it becomes easier when you surround yourself with good energy + people who support you and more importantly when you take the time out to support yourself.

That is what this series is about. I came up with ‘Colour Coded’ during a moment of self reflection. I wanted to use my love for colours to let out some of the things I was struggling with in my mind. For the first part, using the colours red and blue respectively, I explore the idea of finding a balance between the extremes of my emotional spectrum: passion and indifference, anger and calmness. I want to be able to let go yet maintain a level of rationality.  These contradictions, like yin and yang, work hand in hand. That is why finding a harmony that works for me is so important.




Modelling: Joanna (red) and Wura (blue)

Clothing: Gravalot (Afro-Contemporary Menswear Brand)

Make up: Giselle

Creative Direction, Styling and Photography by me


wa-ko x

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