Clothing, being a significant part of our social history, has become more than just pieces of fabric you use to cover up. Clothing is art, a form of self expression that accentuates the beauty and strength of the human form as well as being a reflection of life on earth. Every item of clothing has a story behind it and can be used to tell more.

Embrace and grow with it.

Working on this project was particularly exciting for me as it was my first time being involved in fashion film. Being new to this world, choosing what direction to go through out of the many possible styles of fashion film was tasking. However, after a lot of thought, I decided I wanted to keep my first film simple and sweet.

Shots from The Day


Model: Stephanie Amata (Co-founder of A’naala)

Thank you!

-wa-ko x


  • Creatively expressive and impressive without being overtly brash. Kudos.👏🏾
    Subliminal use of contrasting light and darkness with subtle wind element thrown in for good measure.✅
    Will watch out for more of your creative juice on the dripping creatively. For any of your shows, do keep me in the loop.

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      • You truly deserve the compliments girl! Keep your focus locked and steady like a laser beam. Go for it with your usual passion and consistency. I will be watching with keen interest without disengaging.


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