The Wonder Years II

Being a child distant from the constraints of adulthood/adolescence, my imagination was limitless. I had the chance to live in a world of my own, making positivity and happiness easy to attain and maintain. Today I still find myself happiest when I do things that employ my imagination and creativity, whether reading a book, taking pictures, writing, drawing, music etc. This freedom in imagination is what I try to draw upon in this shoot.

Although in realty we may never be truly free, as there would be times where we do things out of obligation/duty/survival, we need to create a balance between doing such things and the things that bring us pure joy. Everyone needs an escape, and making time for our escapes would make staying positive a lot easier.


wa-ko x

Model: Lolade Idowu

Photography and Creative Direction by me



Cover picture illustrated by Anna Aloshine


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