Three girls waited for a train that never came.

Although we like to believe that we have complete control over the happenings of our lives, deep down we know this is not the case. Through this shoot, I tell a story of three girls who waited for a train that never arrived despite plans and preparations. To some this is merely a molehill, to others it may be a mountain. Either way, it is a good demonstration of the unpredictability of life.


I have friends who have already planned their futures, who and when they marry, when they meet their significant others, how many children they would have, exact career paths etc. All these things are important and it’s always wise to at least have a rough plan. However, the harsh reality of life is that there are things out of our control. The best laid plans could easily slip out of our hands, no matter how tightly we hold on to them


…It’s a scary thought I know, but worth coming to terms with. Accepting that there are things I can and cannot control, and being able to tell the difference has really saved me a lot of heartache.

Wa-ko x

Models: Sere, Tobi & Kundai

Photography and Creative Direction: Wami (me)




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