Street Spirit (90s)

The 90s were probably one of my favourite periods for fashion. Not only was this when I was born, but it was also the era of youthful, carefree and rebellious outfits, particularly seen in the grunge and hip-hop movement. You saw mini skirts, fish nets, slip dresses layered over t-shirts, high socks, chokers, flannel, oversized jackets and so much more cool stuff. For dress up week at school, I decided to take it back, serving looks inspired by the 90s; whilst still incorporating my own style of course. Here I focused on two trends from the 90’s that particularly resonated with me: 

1. Juxtaposing femininity and masculinity

This reflected the rebellion and third-wave feminism of the 90’s, breaking away from gender stereotypes, as women included more masculine items into their every day wear. It was quite popular at the time to match dark and chunky boots (often Doc Martens) with more delicate, lighter ‘feminine’ items. I am obsessed with this look.


Pictures taken by Hawwa

Look 1

Denim Jacket (similar): Topshop

Playsuit (similar): ASOS Marketplace  

Socks: Dr. Martens

Emmeline Boots: Dr. Martens 

2. Layering

The 90s was all about layering. Most interestingly reverse layering, where items (such as camisoles and slip dresses) normally worn underneath clothing were layered over shirts.  I find layering a cool way to bring together your basic items, creating interesting and eye-catching looks, shapes and contrasts with colours and textures. I incorporated layering in both my outfits.  


Pictures taken by Rahama

Look 2

Mesh Shirt: ASOS

Mini Skirt (similar): ASOS

Sneakers: Michael Kors

Necklace: Alexander McQueen


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