Spring, being the season of renewal, is often used as a symbol of hope, beauty and new beginnings. I wanted to create this atmosphere in this shoot, possibly leaving you with a feeling of tranquility and positivity. To enhance this theme, I chose to style us in earthy colours to reflect our surroundings. In my opinion, Spring is the best time of the year, as the weather is just right (not too hot and not too cold).



…Me almost falling into the pond… and Teni just watching

Models: TeniolaWami (moi)

Photos taken by: Wami & Hawwah

My Outfit

Denim Jumpsuit: Asos

Cardigan with Kimono Sleeves: Asos (Micha Lounge)

Pumps: Chiara Ferragni  (If you’re looking for interesting quirky shoes, make sure to check her out!)

Glasses: Dior


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