This shoot came as a pleasant surprise to me. Last Saturday, My friends and I decided to go on a day out to Birmingham and we just happened to be dressed within the same colour scheme. Luckily, I brought my camera along, so we decided to have an impromptu shoot while roaming the streets. Everything just seemed to fall into place. How cool is that?



Photo creds: Nadia, Wami (moi) & Rahama

Models: Tomi, Wura, Nadia, Wami,  Yvonne & Hawwah

My Outfit 

Cropped Sweater: UNIF

If you saw my ‘Black Valentine‘ post, you’ve probably noticed now that I love UNIF. I recently fell in love with their clothing, particularly their sweaters as I was really attracted to the bright colours and geometric patterns.

Boots (similar): Dior

Winter Coat: JOY


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